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It's OK to just keep checking out of work of all kinds to read neo-Gothic novels set in Barcelona, right?

Cool, cool.

"We must respect reason and science but it's important to embrace and take seriously the extremely fucking weird" [paraphrased]

take psychedelic experience SERIOUSLY without taking it LITERALLY

all of the names are extremely well chosen, the first one most especially.

For a few months I've been too stressed to even think of playing in the evenings. It's good to be back.

Piano practice: Strangely satisfying.

It's pretty safe to say the dry spell is over and I can stand to touch the instrument again.

And with that, I must wander away to make dinner, because hungry children (and dogs) have little mercy or patience, and it is wise not to test either.

And, of course, this works best if the Twitter app's been taken off your phone with extreme prejudice, but YMMV.

Anyway, if you'd like to try the experiment, you'd have to click on More, choose the "log out" option, and roll your eyes when they try to scare you into staying logged in. (I do, every damn time.)

So, the 5euro/month (plus the domain name fees) I pay to self-host my own Mastodon instance is now paying me back in significantly less stress.

Also, I've never allowed any social media to send me notifications, and I can almost sense Twitter's baffled fury now that they're unable to serve me the same number of daily ads.

Now, some of that is because other hugely stressful things have been ameliorated in the past few days, but a significant component is not having to look at harassers and fascists in my mentions.

The extra steps having to sign in save me from checking a million times a day, and my anxiety has gone down 150%.

Now, when I log in, having to click the feed over to "latest tweets" instead of the garbage algorithm drives home just how much of the hellsite experience is meant to keep me addicted & ad-staring.

The "log out of Twitter completely" experiment proceeds apace. After a slight bit of decompression, I feel a LOT better.

Automattic has bought Tumblr, but says they'll keep the "NSFW ban" in effect, thus robbing the platform of any further usefulness, especially for marginalized people.

1.3k on HOOD's Season Two today. I've been waffling on whether it's two or three seasons, but I think I just got my answer.

Unsurprisingly, it means a lot more work.

So. Verizon sold Tumblr to Automattic (the company behind Wordpress), likely for less than Verizon paid to buy Tumblr. And Automattic’s CEO confirmed that the company will not reverse Tumblr’s NSFW ban.

If Tumblr wasn’t dead before, that should seal the deal.

this one is a subtoot: random reinforcement schedules aren't good for training, but they're excellent at producing addiction. that's a classic tactic of abuse, and we recommend you look extremely sideways at anyone who tries to use it on you for any reason.

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