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"Credit monitoring" and "credit scores" are gigantic hoaxes and poverty enforcement tools, and any "monitoring" service that allows a data breach should be parted out and sold to pay the victims.

I've said it elsewhere, but I repeat it here: the CEO and higher officers of Equifax should be prosecuted and jailed, the company itself should be sold off and the proceeds distributed among victims.

"S. ryanii intrigued her because it’s an allopolyploid: a hybrid species that has complete sets of chromosomes from both of its progenitors..."

Fun things you can do with a union contract that you might not be aware of 

From the article: "What we see here is the codification of Whiteness as a legal category that was specifically intended to exclude free Black Christians from the full rights of citizenship."

"It was in response to free Black Christians like Charles Cuffee that English slaveholders began to create White supremacy."

"Upon completing their cryptanalysis apprenticeship, they would receive government salaries as much as 10 ducats a month..."

"A somewhat secretive figure due in part to his chosen profession, Giovanni Soro was a talented cryptanalyst."

There is NOT a PDF teaser available, but .epub and .mobi are, and there's free software like Calibre you can use to read in .epub.

We're getting closer to INCORRUPTIBLE's release day! You can download the first six chapters for free here:

In which I talk about smells, child trauma, and the olfactory components of freedom.

Like, really, REALLY not surprised at the GoDaddy bit. *sips tea*

I wasn't surprised that GoDaddy aided the attacker, but the PayPal bit chills me right down to the bone.

"What happened?"

"Oh, the absurdity of it all didn't strike her soon enough."

And I don't mind, because once I'm laughing I'm okay, but someday I wonder what will happen if the laughter doesn't arrive to save me.

I've hit the point where everything is absurdly funny, even hosing off Miss B's poo-slathered bottom in the yard while she struggles against cleanliness.

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