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I have run
And so must ice,
It's torture now
But afterwards, nice.

(Also, I really feel like the 80s saxophone is totally underrated just as a matter of course.)

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There's about seven different things wanting to be written NOW THANK YOU, and I only have two hands and limited energy.

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Fucking Muse. It's not that I dislike the song, I'd just like some variety.

On the bright side, this is great for the Reaper story too.

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God damn it, this story wants Glenn Frey's "You Belong to the City" on repeat and I can't say no for about half an hour or I don't get any words.

Good night, good night, the rain whispers how much it longs to touch you, good night, good night, goodnight.

It's not just me. Several of my characters are salivating over the pieces. Wow.

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I do not need more jewelry, I do not need more jewelry, I do not need more jewelry.

But I would not refuse, I would not refuse, I would not...

Today's Soundtrack Monday post is about THE HEDGEWITCH QUEEN, which owes a great deal to Dumas and to Jacqueline Carey.

Well, let's see what Catalina broke, other than iTunes.

RIP iTunes. :(

It says “estimating time remaining.” We have always been estimating the time remaining. We will always be estimating the time remaining.

Updating to Catalina now. May the gods have mercy on me and my poor workhorse.

If you don't see me again, know I gave a good account of myself with a machete. I'm trying to decide if this Wangsty Dracula I'm writing likes cats or dogs better.

You'd think this would be an easy question to answer, but it requires getting up and walking around a bit.

"Fowler & Wells did not appear to mind how their skulls were acquired, as long as they added to the Cabinet’s overall effect."

Also on tap this afternoon: Mr Big's "To Be With You."


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