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Food is never "just food", in life or in a Wong movie. It's love, connection, heartbreak, family, survival, loss, a coda, a way to fill the gaps, a way of showing care or disdain.

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Last but not least, Wong Kar-wai seems to be one of the few directors who understands exactly, but EXACTLY, how I feel about food.

Also, a few scenes in HAPPY TOGETHER have given me a Law of Human Interaction that states "do not ever fuck with Tony Leung", which I think is a good one to have on the books.

Like Fellini, Wong doesn't ever give a standard "happy" ending. Fellini remarked that was because nobody would go home and change their life afterward.

This gives me Big Feels.

Anyway, on a list of "Movies That Give Me The Strength To Go On", HAPPY TOGETHER is in the top five.

Plus, every shot is so goddamn beautiful, and Cucurrucucu Paloma playing over the long slow-mo of Iguazu is just... wow.

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I think my absolute favourite Wong Kar-wai is HAPPY TOGETHER. Mostly because we've all dated a Ho Po-wing, at one time or another. Tony Leung plays stoic heartbreak SO WELL omg.

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Gonna spend the rest of my half-hour lunch watching a Wong Kar-Wai movie and drinking coffee.


And before you start telling me "love the sinner, hate the sin" or "they're not REAL Christians", I'm just gonna say this:

By their works shall ye know them.

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“It’s what I have to do to eat better, to sleep a little longer, so I can get a shower here... Hunting is why the pastor keeps me here. The pastor hunts me because I hunt for him.”

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“See the guy over there? In the green shorts?” Alejandro pointed to a young man named Santiago. “I had to grab him from his bed...because his mom paid [the pastor for] us to do it.”

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" I am here against my will. My family did not put me here, and they do not know where I am. They did not sign a contract, and they are not paying for me to be here."

All those rotting jack-o'-lanterns, just leaking their precious pumpkin spices into the gutter.


Which is terrifying, and leads one in the direction of several stories, doesn't it.

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All this ghost text business just drives home to me how fragile our digital-dependent infrastructure really is.

Woke up with Queen playing inside my head. Pretty sure today’s gonna be fabulous. (In every sense.)

Just barely made wordcount on FINDER'S WATCHER.

Today's been a chip-things-out-of-the-cerebellum kind of day.

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