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Eighty pages left to proof.

Nos morituri, and all that.

Taking a break to make coffee and listen to BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOUL. A little dance is good for the soul.

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Afternoon caffeination is about to ensue. If the gods are kind I might finish this proof today.

You must be a Git repository, b/c I find myself wanting to commit to you.

Please boost.

Anybody interested in a commission for some art I need for an ONI? You know, Japanese magical ogre demon?

Anyway, it was a lovely run and I feel calm and centered again. Thank gods, because it’s been a while.

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Very little makes me as angry as seeing assholes endanger their beautiful dogs like that. The leash is for your dog’s SAFETY. Fucking USE IT.

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At least all the other dogs we saw were leashed or safely behind high fences. It’s a goddamn miracle, given the number of middle-aged white men who run around with unleashed puppers.

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I have NO idea why the roses think now is a good time, but apparently a few sheltered ones are preloading.

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This morning’s run: Sunshine, Boxnoggin being slightly unmannerly, plenty of mud, but there are early roses blooming along my route.

This morning’s jam: The Sweet’s BALLROOM BLITZ.

Original, still the best, and let’s fucking rock.

You can enter daily, and gain multiple entries in other ways, too. The prizes will be sent media mail anywhere in the world, since I have a few pennies to spare for postage this month.

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This month’s giveaway: two lucky winners will receive signed, personalized copies of my VIRAL AGENTS series:

This article highlights and articulates a lot of things I’ve privately thought about Blizzard. In the end, it’s sloppy misogynistic storytelling, and it’s—perhaps the greatest sin of all—BORING.

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My new book, Take On Me, is out in the world.

This is a book full of hope. There is joy in it, there is fun and music and food and love and it’s more full of life than anything I’ve ever written.

And now it’s not just mine anymore, it’s yours, too. I give it to you to embrace and enjoy and take from it what you need. Wherever, however this book finds you, I hope it reminds you to treat yourself kindly and with patience and with love.

Learn more about it here: , or on its own website,

Buy a copy, if you can. I highly recommend the print edition, but the digital is good, too.

Spread the word when you’re done, if you’d like to support me and the book. Thank you.

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