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I wonder if other runners catalogue the multiple varieties of sweat, too? Maybe not. But I do.

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Just a drop and a thump, and then I’m fully inside my corpse again and the tension I’ve been living in snapping like a rubber band stretched too far.

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It’s absolutely a feeling like a record player’s needle dropping into a groove, or heavy bass from big speakers, or close-by thunder.

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The first run after a zero finishes is always difficult, but then comes the moment near the end when I thump back into my body and the stress gushes out with metallic sweat.

"Why are there always three witches?" the king asked.
"One to brew the tea," the first witch said.
"One to bake the cakes," the second witch said.
"And one," said the third witch, "to keep all the other witches safely unseen."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

He moved like a lynx and when he looked at Joanna Lumley you could see mountains crumbling. Whew. *fans self*

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God, young me had such a THING for late 70s-early 80s David McCallum.

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Get you someone who looks at you like Steel looks at Sapphire when he thinks she’s not aware.

One of the things about finishing the zero draft of a massive epic fantasy is one’s exhausted brain refusing to stay on target and finish a...

...what’s that over there?

Waking up with a book hangover and dragging myself upright sucks, but at least it means I finished the damn thing. Hooray?

Thank you for the well-wishes, everyone. I can’t keep up with them all; thank you.

I was so afraid the pandemic would mean I’d never finish another book.

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It’s full of [[bracket notes]] I have to fix later and it will be a beast to revise, but it’s done. It might suck but at least it’s not unfinished.

Still crying.

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It’s done.

The zero draft of THE BLOODY THRONE is finally done.

And I’m crying.

One last scene and THE BLOODY THRONE’s zero draft will be… done?

Yes. Done. My gods. So close. More tea, and back to it.

Two and a half more scenes, and I can call this zero done.

Pray for me.

Highlight of the day: a print of Blue Demon by Victor Bizar Gomez arrived with today's mail and is now up on the wall where I work.

Video appointment finished, lunch hurriedly gulped, dogs taken out, pot of strong black rose-petal tea made.

This book is about to go down. I think I can do it in three more scenes, too.

Drinking coffee, listening to Massive Attack, and finding out yesterday’s big battle scene doesn’t really suck.

…maybe, just maybe, I will survive this book.

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