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Me: *hears strange sound*

Me: *gets creeped out*

Me: *looks around*

Dog: *continues snore-whistling*

Shame the Popes did him so dirty, but what else can one expect from, well, popes?

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My favorite story about him is his sneaking in at night to carve his name and “Did This” across the Pieta’s chest-strap. Il Divino knew how to handle the haters.

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Chipping away at this character’s reticence like Buonarrotti tapping with hammer and chisel, turning stone into satin flesh.

It’s time for a combat scene. Making a character bleed might help.

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Bloody release day nerves, exposed to raw air. I am so a-twitch even a run hasn’t settled anything.

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400 words on one project. Sitting and staring, fingers itching but the words won’t drip free.

I suspect I’m nervous.

*sings* Had Catalina, it was workin’ just fine, then Apple forced Big Suuuuuuuur…

*singing fades, replaced by distant weeping*

And while we’re here? Charge the racist bigots double.

‘Nuff said.

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We are never going to make any progress until addressing the bad behavior of these narcissistic, classist, privileged assholes involves real, meaningful financial and social costs to said assholes.

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Keep your meaningless lip service. Pay the righteous fuck up instead.

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I am so, so tired of these toothless “apologies” being lauded as some kind of progress. No. Hit these companies/institutions right where they live—in the pocketbook—instead.

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Take your apology, add a year’s salary adjusted for inflation for every year since you wronged that person, and pay tf up.

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“So-and-so gets a historic apology X years after Company/Government/Institution wronged them!”

Completely overlooks how you ruined a person’s life, in most cases for decades, and now you want a gold star.

And yes, Bach is always pulling for you, while Mozart is trying to trap, trip, flimflam, and bamboozle. I like stuffy old Johann S. better.

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It’s not a pea-souper or a Jack the Ripper fog, but it’s still nice. Winter has arrived; Chez Saintcrow is cosy and pleased.

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