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This bloody book’s going to be near 200k before I’m finished, I can just tell—which presents its own set of problems.

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It’s always best to stop before one is completely exhausted. It makes it easier to pick up the thread and momentum when one returns.

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Despite ripping out a couple scenes wholesale, still have a net gain of 5k words in today’s revision work. I’m in the last third of the book and can tell I was working fast and hot in the zero.

I’ve reached the last third of revisions. It will either be the easiest part or some terrible complex problem will suddenly rear its ugly head.

Given the way this year is going…

Fortified by a dinner I didn’t have to cook (Friday is my night off culinary duty) I can now return to the rising body cost in this revision.

The dogs started their hour of lobbying for an early dinner about a half-hour before they usually do.

I keep trying to tell them I’m busy killing characters, but they don’t care.

And that concludes the weekly shilling of my subscription wares. We will return you to the usual squirrel, canine, textual, and profanity-laced lunacy of my feed in 3… 2… 1…

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Next week, my subscribers will get the first peek at the cover of my upcoming romantic suspense, DAMAGE!

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I’ve pretty much decided the next serial will be HELL’S ACRE, my Assassin’s Creed/Da Vinci Code story set in an alt-Victorian London, too.

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Crow’s Nest subscribers get another peek at The Amulet Witch, which I keep longing to get back to.

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This week in HOOD: I’ve always wondered what a tyrant thinks when a real challenge to his power appears.

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Subscribers! In about three minutes your weekly fiction offerings will be winging through the digital aether!

FINALLY I have reached the part of this book where characters start dying. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

I will slay this revision yet.

Maybe soon I’ll have enough spoons to get back to my newsletter, too. Wouldn’t *that* be nice.

That concludes the shilling of my wares until around four-ish, when I’ll do the regular weekly subscriber reminder.

Now I can cross this off the list and go back to revising until then…

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(This is, of course, for the release of my next romantic suspense, which is approaching in late March. )

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The weekly fiction drop will commence at around 4pm PST. In the meantime, I’m under strict orders to let people know I can be followed on BookBub.

Now, well settled with a cuppa, it’s time for the subscription goodies to be sent out. And then back to revisions.

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I wasn’t sure if it was stress nausea or hunger, but two ham sandwiches later most of the unsteadiness is gone, thank goodness.

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