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Just, a lady assassin like Lorraine in “Atomic Blonde”, just beating the ever-loving crap out of a bunch of fellow assassins. On the rooftops. With ABBA playing.


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I have the urge to set an assassin’s duel on the rooftops of Vienna to ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”. Because I’m like that.

(I may or may not be watching the video just to get it out of the way. IT’S NOVEMBER, IT’S NOT AGAINST THE RULES.)

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“Another version is WhamHunter where players get a point each time they hear it.”

Once you’ve gone to Whamhalla it becomes a game of WhamHunter.

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“Once a player has lost they are sent to 'Whamhalla’.”


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“Everyone who paid at least $15 had received a copy of the book. The ones that were set on fire were damaged or misprints that couldn’t be shipped.”

I think about Draculas way too much for someone who is neither personally menaced by Draculas, nor in a Dracula-related field of employ.

“A woman might choose to take these risks if she wants to have a baby. It is a different story to force someone to take these risks if she does not.”

“…the attacker had more than two months to establish persistence, so anyone currently using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress product should assume compromise until they can confirm that is not the case.”

“Today, those that remain … offer a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain—at least for as long as people can figure out how to keep them from disintegrating.”

“That those who claim to love America … are taking their lead from minor authoritarian countries … shows the extraordinary poverty, or perhaps the extraordinary greed, of their vision.” heathercoxrichardson.substack.

In which the zero draft is done, I’m not attempting that ruckus no sir, and going back to bed is my overarching goal.

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Goodnight, gods bless, don’t forget to tip your waitress, we’re done, turn on the lights, SEE YOU MISCREANTS ON MONDAY!

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(I mean, there’s a lot of murder in the book, just not the particular one I WANTED to put in it.)

(Not everything can be perfect.)

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I didn’t get to put in the murder subplot I wanted and I’m sure it needs a whole lot of cutting and trimming (the goddamn thing is 88k and change) but it is DONE and I never have to write this zero draft again, THANK YOU GODS.

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That’s right, the zero draft of GHOST SQUAD #2 (Klemp’s book) is DONE. DONE DONE DONE.


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10.7 written today. My wrists are hashed, my back aches, I can’t decide whether to throw up or scream.

But the zero draft…is done.

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