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Yes, I cleaned the house when we moved in. I decided to let the stair-shadow remain because he is, as I said, largely innocuous, though he did offer to make people with ill intentions uncomfortable upon arrival.

It was a good deal; I took it.

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The shadow in the stairwell (don’t worry, he’s innocuous) has taken to tiptoeing down the hall to check my office door, which inevitably gives me a turn at least once per day when I get up from my chair.

I keep telling him I’m FINE.

The dogs simply could not take no for an answer, so here I am, “out of bed” and resenting every minute of that status.

I have learned a great deal this evening and so, must go to bed in order to forget most of it.

(I’m fibbing. I will be lying awake in the darkness muttering “ears?” for hours, I can just TELL.)

Have decided on the next ebook sale, since the DARK WATCHER sale is only going until January 15th. Get it while you can!

Day 4 of “what, you wanted to work on paying projects? Eff that, here’s the fanfic you’ll be getting wordcount on, don’t @ me, I’m just your brain, what do I know.”


And that’s it for the weekly shilling of my subscription wares. My beloved subscribers allow me to attempt longer, more complex stories that might not see the light of day any other way, and I am HUGELY grateful for that.

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And the publisher has the very first paranormal romance I ever got into print, DARK WATCHER (#1 in the WATCHERS series) for $.99 across ebook platforms until January 15!

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Crow’s Nest subscribers get a peek at the revised first chapter of SONS OF YMRE #2—the first should be out soon.

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Writers: We make no sense, and it’s only partly because of publishing.

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Agent: “Do you think anyone would want to blurb these books?”


Yes, I just brushed both dogs. Yes, they got treats. Miss B wants another round. Boxnoggin is “hiding” on my bed, thinking I can’t see him if he’s partly under a decorative pillow.

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Honestly, if she didn’t have him to boss around, herd, manage, and supervise, she would have given up the ghost long ago. Sheer spite and bossiness is keeping her alive.

He seems not to mind TOO much.

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Each time Boxnoggin tries to escape, Miss B herds him back, nipping at his heels. “You’re not DONE yet, ya weirdo, get back there!”

He complies, with many a resentful look.

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Miss B has been know to try to trip and herd me in order to continue the brushing session.

Boxnoggin attempts to escape after a few token strokes.

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