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Putting together the questions to answer in the next Tea with Lili. Ask away! (I am much less of a holding-back-tears mess this week, thank goodness.)

Now I’m home and slowly absorbing my second quad shot of the day. It’s going to be a busy day.

A nice fat bee with a lovely fuzzy belly, they rested in my palm for a few steps, gathered themselves, and bumbled off. Lovely conversationalist, if a bit soft-voiced.

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The first bee of the season was entangled in my hair during morning walkies. Dogs very patient while I untangled the visitor, gave said visitor a gentle talking-to, and released it.

@thegibson Never give the King of your Pride's wife a foot massage

Don’t make the same mistakes over again. Make new, exciting mistakes. Fuck things up in ways no one even thought possible

In which spring cannot be denied, this is not the week, and our vow is remembered.

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So much of what is considered “unlucky” in any culture was just holy in a different way, before.

It’s a good day to remember that.

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What? Unlucky? Not for witches, my friend. Freyja—and cats—like us well enough, and thirteen is the number of a coven.

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Friday the 13th, in spring. Be on the lookout for Freyja and her cat-drawn chariot. A lucky, lucky day.

Google 2FA, you and I have very different ideas about "don't ask again on this device" means.

Saying this for whoever needs to hear it.

You are way harder on yourself than others.

You only see everyone else's highlight reel.

I was going to work after dinner, but to hell with that. The dogs are sacked out, the kids are safely embarked on their own evening, and I’m gonna watch some true crime before slithering into bed like the little old Medusa I aspire to be.

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My daughter used fancy-dancey vanilla paste for the filling, too. And her ganache game has really leveled up.

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Dinner was homemade eclairs. Because I’m a goddamn adult.

(And let’s not even TALK about the racism, and the intersection between it and misogyny…)

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But why am I surprised? In the misogyny sweepstakes, Disney is in a class all their own. Princesses are only “good” if they’re self-abnegating, if their power ends up under the control of a male hero, or if they’re sexless.

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And bringing the movie out on Mother’s Day? On THIS particular Mother’s Day, when women are being reduced to walking wombs squeezing out soldiers and consumers for state and corporation? Not a good look, Disney.

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