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Goodreads: "We no longer want to be a book social network, we're just a funnel for Amazon purchases. Fuck you."

"Why are you removing multiple features on Goodreads?"

The alternatives are looking better each day.

I just want to write my weird little stories and pay my bills, for fucksake.

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I am *thisclose* to closing down the contact form on my website as well as the comment section. So many people think authors exist solely as punching bags, and I’m tired of it.

…I shouldn’t be giving any life advice before coffee, but here we are.

Funny thing, when you start exercising your boundaries in small ways, it gives you the strength and skill to do it in larger ones.

You have a finite amount of energy and time. People who will shit over both aren’t worth knowing.

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You absolutely don’t need to give strangers on the internet a chance. They’re screaming out their car windows, not sitting in your living room. Block at will—hell, block at random if you want to.

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You know what improved my life so much I wish I’d done it sooner? Going no-contact with toxic people, including mashing the block button without mercy.

I’ll take being alone over dealing with nastiness ANY day.

Goodnight, gods bless, let’s all get through tonight as best we can because hoo boy, tomorrow’s on its way.

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Fortunately I am more stubborn than he is by several orders of magnitude and I shall certainly succeed just as soon as I stop informing the internet of my intentions.

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I have to somehow induce sixty lbs of big black dog that yes, I really mean it when I attempt to drag him outside for one last bathroom break before bedtime.


Three juvenile squirrels cavorting in the cedars along the back fence.

Summer hath arrived.

“These are young women who know they’ve been completely and utterly failed by institutions…Their stories are far more interesting than a boy who doesn’t like facing the consequences of his own actions.“

We all walked to a local park with a “pop-up arboretum” (signs on twelve different tree species) and found a new Poetry Post there.

Not bad for a summer evening after pierogis.

Said in email today: “I am a horrible person, but I have no plans to change, and am still cackling.”

“A meeker queen would have been cowed by Hugh and stood helplessly by while her husband took away her lands and rights, but not the She-Wolf of France.”

APPARENTLY I am not yet expired, for the words still crowd me.

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Now I have to do some fine-tuning of the Industrial Revolution’s effects in this particular alternate-Victorian London, and look over the day’s work for large glaring holes. But…it’s not bad.

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1.5k on HELL’S ACRE today, and I think most of the words are usable.

It’s good to be back.


…of course this is an easy mistake to make, given my verbal proclivities. I’d be surprised if a stray ship didn’t work its way in. My dictionaries are exhausted by my bullshit.

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