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have you tried turning the summoning circle off and back on again

@particle_p I can’t wait to try it on a fountain or a waterfall.

Bathtub at 980nm looks like the set of Psycho. It’s just ordinary clear water, but it absorbs infrared at that wavelength like a mofo. Looked normal to my eyes and very startling in the camera!

Planning walk for tomorrow, destination unknown yet. Have two students today, one in-person. Stomach somewhat upset but alas that’s normal for me at this time of day. Have green tea. New infrared filter arrived that is tuned to the water absorption peak, which means water should be dark-colored in photos with it.

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Today in How Did You Get Admitted To College (“sf” is San Francisco):

Wooow. Until they sort out which additive is causing the deaths, it sounds like regular cigarettes my be temporarily safer than vaping.

I was totally unsuccessful at getting my father to listen to The Mountain Goats. I was really looking forward to watching his expressions. 🤷‍♂️

@sunnyallison Here’s the thing. The research literature says learning styles don’t exist. My students say they do, and you may as well be talking to the wind if you say otherwise. Also, I must cater to their presumed style or I’m a bad tutor according to them. What do you do about it?

What are people switching to when Tootdon dies?

(My favorite statue on the walk to Target. It was made by the stone cutters who have an office behind the statue, in the dark there.)

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