According to Massachusetts law, you cannot be called again for jury duty until three years after the last time you served. They sent me a notice on Feb 13. I checked my calendar. I last served on Feb 14, 2017. THEY CALLED ME ONE DAY TOO SOON. I went on the jury registration site and checked ineligible, thinking “no way this will work.” BUT IT DID!

@tootleapp this app drives me nuts with using light colors for buttons. Usually when a button is grayed out it means don’t push it.

Anyone I regularly talk to on here want a holiday card? DM your address if I don’t have it (and first line to confirm if I do...)

An extra hour of sleep tonight, but in reality it’s a trick to steal my happiness for the next five months. The Daylight Saving Fairy is the most evil one of all.

@particle_p @Farrell Copy the link to a browser. It won’t view on here for some reason

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“Do you have a moment to hear the good news about our lord Lucifer?”

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Ragged Feathers

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