I'm afraid of what's going to happen when this manic episode ends.

Definitely mania because both my food and sleep requirements are drastically reduced. Wooo! 🙃

Ahhh, the question.... Is it insomnia or a manic episode?


Well. I mean, it was shit I've been a slacker about and had to be done anyway, but it's now actually done.

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Scaring off people we don't want here 

I'm still unsure with my decoration so far. I'll deal with that later.

I finally put together my cube storage thingies and I'm happy they look like they go naturally with the entertainment center. The cube thingies make excellent narrow book cases.

What do y'all think? Finally got my picture up on the wall. Now I have space on top of my cabinet to arrange books & decor. Do y'all want to see what I've done with the inside of the cabinet?

Some serious shit going on at the movie theater today 👀

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walk up in the club like what up i am EXHAUSTED you guys. everyone else nods. we're all sitting down. the DJ is asleep. it's been a hard week for all of us

I hope whomever jacked my bank card has terrible karma.

Good dream made me sad. I guess I'm lonelier than I thought.

I'm pissed off and headachey and I've already told off a Lane Bryant person. Behold the field in which my fucks are grown and see it is barren.

Just had 3 or 4 college kids walking behind my building (where there is nothing) & stopping to chat SUPER LOUD at my kitchen window until I whipped back my curtains to scowl at them, then they came onto my porch to continue their loud ass chatting until I opened my front door & stared at them til they walked away.

It is 12:30 am. GET OFF MY LAWN!

was worth watching for 1) Idris Elba's voice, and 2) the butt sniffing monkeys. 10/10, will watch again.

I've never been this excited for the premiere of a new nature documentary. I've been counting down all week.

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