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DYING IN SPACE: written by @maenad and @signalstation with illustrations by @RAPIDPUNCHES

Available now! Two games in one zine! 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

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who the heck is M of Ragged Feathers? 

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7 Things That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are 

Kinda fun to think about the Devil at the crossroads all those nights not a single person showed up to make a bargain for their soul. Just... hanging out. Kicking rocks. Peering into the gloom. Tapping their hairy thigh.

Sorry to inform but my online class Karate Chop Your Way to Weight Loss has been cancelled because my karate chopping demonstration area was full of spoons with pudding on the handle so every time I karate chopped, I hit a spoon and launched pudding into my mouth.

Obviously, some part of my class planning has gone wrong and I'll need some time to address the issue.

I own a lot of board games for someone who's terrible at making friends and who never invites anyone over.

Someone asked me what my favorite horror movie was, and I don't have one, so I offered up The Ritual.

I guess I now have a favorite horror movie. What do I do with this knowledge? How long does it last? Can it be cured?

okay, house of pain, I've given it a LOT of thought... and I'm finally ready to "jump around"

[camera pulls out to reveal that I walk a lifeless Earth, rag-clad, and am then lifted into the air by a fire tornado and thrown into the ocean where I land on a slowly turning gyre of fishing nets and plastic bottles]

monthly pillow delivery service
monthly deboning service
monthly jelly limb massage service

Can I get some fantasy illustrator recommendations? Looking for:
- black and white, traditional media
- strong figurative work, but with a priority on overall composition over depicting a specific "scene"
- good sense of motion and visual humour
- women, trans, or nb

I'm pleased with this even if I do feel like it's a rip-off of a Gundam movie poster

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #scifiart #scifi #haiku

Hey, what's shakin'?

(kicking an overturned walker out of reach of some tentacles so hard one of the tennis balls on the legs comes rolling off)

Pfft. "Elder" god.

Thank you for the Oscar nom for Best Performance By An Unconscious Mind Generating Anxiety-Filled Dreams About Being Lost Abroad With No Wallet or Phone, but I'm boycotting this year.

My game Rusałka is in this bundle, but there are also many other cool games you should be interested in. And if you purchase the bundle, Josh can help make his classroom friendlier to students.

[dinner plans/board game night gets cancelled due to illness]

oh thank goodness, now I can have more time to work on a horror/fantasy game scenario

that was a close one, I almost left the apartment and had fun... I mean: Sorry to hear you're sick! Rescheduling is fine!

Ever wonder what I sound like as a GM? Why-- why would you be wondering that? What an odd thing to wonder.

Anyway, I ran a fantasy adventure thing tonight:

Came across "creature from another feature" as a rhyming couplet for adopted siblinghood that's gender-neutral and, having sat with it for 24 hours: This one's the best.

Rhyming dictionaries can be set down.

Feel like kids who came up in the 00s aren't going to get the same nostalgia-related opportunities to be boring online 'cause no one knows how to say "Only 00s Kids Will Remember..." out loud.

Hey, you gonna be anywhere near Albuquerque, New Mexico in mid-April?

If you drop by New Mexicon ( you'll be able to play some games with @maenad and me. Dunno what we're doing yet, but it's gonna be /something./

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