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Who the heck is M of Ragged Feathers? 

) Contributing writer for TROPHY line of RPGs (Dark/Gold/Loom)

) Creator of RPG stuff like the Weird West incursion for Trophy Dark, DEVIL, AIM FOR ME

) Author of WITCHES TOWN, a collection of microfiction most of which were posted to Mastodon first

) Author of two horror-comedy stories under a pseudonym for Horrible Vacuum

) Creator of over 160 music mixes (

) Just some idiot, who knows

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7 Things That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are 

1) Not getting enough sleep

2) Overindulging in alcohol

3) Accidentally referring to your friends by the names of the ancestors they resemble.

4) Ignoring horoscopes because “All the stars move anyway, so who cares.”

5) Enjoying swing music.

6) The section of your wardrobe made from woven reeds and lizard pelts.

7) At every opportunity, you mention “This all used to be underwater” while gesturing at everything.

a kind of wizard

a kind of wizard

total dear diary omg shut up about dreams 

dream journal:

while hitting snooze and dozing this morning, my dreams were about a lack of dreams

there were just... squares. template holders that were empty where the dreams were supposed to be.

all out of dream ideas, apparently. I could see where they should go, but ... nothing.

if there is anything less interesting than listening to someone talk about their dreams, it's someone who says their dream templates are empty.

*hitting snooze button from sleep*

ha ha, hacked yr mainframe, I'm cyberpunkk, get wrecked alarm clock

Hey, so the Cold Hearth Collective folks— and that includes me— have put together a bundle of our RPGs for free for Free RPG Day. 

Of course, being us, all the gifts are spooky.

Help yourself to some free RPGs about body-snatching, killing vampires, sacrificing to the sea, starving to death, and wandering lost in the desert!

By age 300 you should:

1. Have outlived everyone you knew
2. Dwell in ruins
3. See strong men blanch to gaze upon you
4. Believe that if God is real, they have forsaken you
5. Shiver at the thought that you may see the stars themselves wink out in the night sky

What else?

He's awesome.

RT @signalstation
A checklist NPC, ready for introduction into your RPG game (no matter which one).

[h/t to @PaulCzege and the MOSAIC Strict framework]

No matter what RPG you're playing, you can use this checklist NPC to introduce The Gambler.

Don't worry about how to get rid of them. They know when to walk away.

h/t @paulczege

It's Free RPG Day this weekend so me & some friends (Cold Hearth Collective) are gonna give away some games. You can find us on 🔥🐦 or maybe I'll even remember to mention it here.

Hark, The Terrible Cries of Prey in Claws, Charlie Brown

another tranq or treat halloween, costumed children with darts in their necks scattered across lawns, tagged and released, migrations tracked

it reminds me this gif I made for the digital thought bubble convention last year. In fact the metal grid that the street trader has is a more accurate depiction of my comic con set up than this gif

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trouble with intimacy 

In response to a "How's it going?" I responded "So far, so good" to the Lyft driver who was about to drive me to urgent care this morning.

cw: spooky illustrated butt 

Finally, it's spooky season and we can revisit the strip tease of Frankenstein's monster. Respectfully.

Shoving increasingly esoteric fillings into olives and arranging them into a disturbing tableau, completing my darkuterie board.

You have read this which means I have once again beaten you. My victories are vast as the night sky, each star a burning ember of your failure.

hell yeah I invest in NFTs

Turtles (or Tortoises)

are we almost done with this Voight-Kampff test, I gotta see a lady about a snake

Everyone's angry 'cause I plugged in the wicker man and now it's "There's no such thing as /electric/ horror" and "the vibes are off now."

This is not a great joke. Mods please delete.

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