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If you play Trophy Dark-- or if the only thing that kept you from playing Trophy Dark was that you were worried there may not be enough opportunities to be destroyed by bees-- you're in luck!

I just released my award-winning bee-filled game scenario that set me on the path to writing RPG stuff for realsies:

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DYING IN SPACE: written by @maenad and @signalstation with illustrations by @RAPIDPUNCHES

Available now! Two games in one zine! 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

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who the heck is M of Ragged Feathers? 

) Author of WITCHES TOWN, a collection of microfiction most of which came from Mastodon posting

) Author of two horror-comedy stories under a pseudonym for Horrible Vacuum

) Creator of over 150 music mixes (

) 3rd star in the constellation of Auragonan the Deer Who Crushes the Fallow Fields

) Black Left Hand of the Frozen Moons of Enoff

) just some idiot, I don't know

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7 Things That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are 

1) Not getting enough sleep

2) Overindulging in alcohol

3) Accidentally referring to your friends by the names of the ancestors they resemble.

4) Ignoring horoscopes because “All the stars move anyway, so who cares.”

5) Enjoying swing music.

6) The section of your wardrobe made from woven reeds and lizard pelts.

7) At every opportunity, you mention “This all used to be underwater” while gesturing at everything.

also here, at the minute and a half mark:

Along with a Woo! All right! sample I remember from Meat Beat Manifesto's "Radio Babylon" (which was sampling Cheryl Lynn, 'cause it's turtles all the way down baby)

So yeah. It's echoing music I've been listening to for decades, is why I wonder if nostalgia is a factor. That or brain worms.

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as an example, here's one that caught my ear, but it's not alone:

At about 2:25 some classic breakbeats appear (some of the same sounds Jamie xx featured in "Gosh") and then... at 2:55... the acid loop kicks in and gets its hooks in me deep.

Where you been, acid? Is it like locusts? A multi-year cycle of renewal? I dunno.

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hey, does anyone know why in the last half year or so I've started really vibing on "acid" sounds in techno again?

has the squelchy little knob-turning thing been gone from music for long enough that it sounds novel again? is it nostalgia?

is it brain worms? oh gosh I got the brain worms and I can only tell 'cause of music

RPG bragging moment 

Well this is nice. The publisher of the Trophy game line had nice things to say about my Trophy Dark incursion, DEVIL, AIM FOR ME, on his podcast:

Had a special shout-out to the artists, as well, which includes @RAPIDPUNCHES whose spot illustrations really liven up the page.

the incursion itself:

Anyway. Just taking a quick victory lap, collecting high fives, don't mind me.

a frog library where a frog librarian will let you check out a little frog egg

you know

to look at... keep moist... return before it hatches

... looking for investors, so

I'm gonna be playing in a Trophy Dark game hosted by @maenad with an incursion by @signalstation at 6pm Eastern! Watch us stream a tragic tale of treasure, death, and bees. Lots of bees.

most of my apartment has now been cut in half and I haven't found a single cake yet among any of these now-halved things

total dear diary ugh dreams shut up 

Last night had a dream I was visiting London and I was in a park, approaching, like a food cart, and then my brain decided:


were what this dream needed and suddenly there were so many bees it was hard to see. Crawling on the ground, flying in the air, reducing visibility, crawling on me.

Luckily, I remembered bees are cool so I just tried not to step on them, but hoo boy, makes it tough to enjoy your time abroad, know what I'm saying?

Today's listening party: YIA Talent Hunt Winners 

I've been listening through the samples from this Bandcamp feature on Big Crown Records and hoo boy, have I added a LOT to my wishlist.

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Today's listening party: YIA Talent Hunt Winners

This is a rediscovered recording of young musicians in the 1960s performing soul covers as part of a youth services program in Bed-Stuy, New York.

Winners of a talent show got to record in studio with a real band (and the producers piped in crowd noise to recreate the live performance sound).

Super charming!

Starting to think my martial arts instructor may have been a fraud. All the animal styles we've studied (sloth, sea urchin, honey mushroom-- is that even an animal?!?) have involved long periods lying down quietly in dim, quiet spaces.

cowboys & devils: roleplaying & personal celebration 

This is so exciting:

One of the best GMs I know of recorded a session he ran for two people using a scenario I wrote: DEVIL, AIM FOR ME.

I just fired it up to watch it myself, but I feel like I gotta tell /someone/ 'cause this is cool as heck.

okay, if your small town had a pharmacy no one seemed to go into w/ a sunken door in the back that kids called the Hell Door that figured prominently in an evening you can't remember clearly and that your friends refuse to discuss, can you boost this? trying to test something.

oh boy, I'm so close, if I hit 150k followers today, I'll shatter the bonds of the everwolf whose paws crush kings and it'll devour the sun, ending this cycle and restarting the wheel of eternity

say what you will about joining a UFO cult, but with shelter-in-place, at least it gets you out of the house, paralyzed in a beam of light, strapped down and subject to the implantation of devices and telepathic visions of the universe's true structure

I know there's a lot of important things going on, but seriously, what happened with those two princes from the spin doctors song, which one of them won and how did that affect the lines of succession?

I was listening to Spotify in another tab and, enjoying the track, I flipped over to see who the artist was so I could look 'em up.

What a delight to see the below! A shield of inscrutability! A typographical declaration that the music is enough on its own!

[I did figure out this was a Four Tet side project, though, I'm no quitter.]

hey, but seriously, why are we in these meat bodies, who's in charge here, what's this all in support of, seems like a very important thing we should have figured out by now

I watched the movie Uncut Gems today and hoo boy... I think I only saw one uncut gem in the whole thing. Or was it a metaphor? Oh jeez I bet it was a metaphor.

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