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I will burn a MILLION favourites and reposts to fix a typographical error. I will walk into hell itself wearing shoes constructed of matchbooks to hunt the typographical error to its very nest.

But I will NEVER just take a moment to reread a post before sending it out into the world to catch the error in the first place. This is my solemn vow, etched in fire on my shining soul.

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Signs Your Exorcist May Not Be Legit

1. Their sole piece of equipment they call a "Ghostbustin' stick," which you suspect is a storm-blown tree limb from your neighbor's lawn.

2. They claim they learned how to exorcise "from the streets" and so you ask "Which streets?" but when you go to those named streets, they still look pretty haunted actually.

3. When asked their favorite thing about being an exorcist, they say "Working in a field that has no centralized licensing authority."

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Me (after an assassin has dramatically revealed that they have successfully tricked me into drinking poison from my goblet): You realize-- erk-- that this just means you were afr--ugh. Afraid to face me in the marketplace of ideeeeeaaaassss....

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was the one it looks like he sawed a woman in half, but then she was whole again?!?

Maybe the Devil had better tricks, I don't know for sure, I left early 'cause Gerry said the Amoco had discount beef sticks and I didn't want to risk them selling out.

I spent a couple years playing trumpet in a college band where the trumpets sat/mostly stood in the stands in front of and below the trombones.

It rained sometimes.

But then the drunks would also occasionally fling their cups full of whatever they'd added to the soda, forward toward the field, sprinkling the band.
And we were on their supposed side.

Dry cleaners made money on our uniforms.

Jerk move that I haven't thought about since high school:

Emptying your trombone's spit valve on someone else's shoe

Sound doesn't carry in a vacuum, so it is SUPER easy to put "Kick Me" signs on an astronaut's back.

With all that's going wrong in the world, I think it's worth remembering that there is a simple solution, and that's getting rid of stuff I myself don't like without any debate or delay, thank you, that should fix most of it.

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Sand gets everywhere. Thoughts about french fries are a lot like sand.

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If there's one thing I've learned in my long life on this planet, it's that you can always trust big butts and smiles, either on their own or in combination. Now to take a big sip of this mug of poison and take a listen to some of this Motown Philly music I've been meaning to get to...

Manny and the Pedis is a great name for a vocal group, if your name happens to be Manny and you're looking for a group name.

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This celestially proud flower charm astronaut necklace hopes to review your space station! Grab it before it flies elsewhere!

More at

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Not enough people give Generation X credit for inventing algebra.

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I feel like if I lived in a small town, I'd definitely end up being the sort of weirdo who has a sculpture on the front lawn of an elephant holding a martini glass, or something.

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