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DYING IN SPACE: written by @maenad and @signalstation with illustrations by @RAPIDPUNCHES

Available now! Two games in one zine! 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

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who the heck is M of Ragged Feathers? 

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SomeBODY once told me they had a treasure for me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
They said good ol' Fortunado, you like amontillado?
Got a cask in a basement at my homestead.

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7 Things That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are 

Did you know... ?
Sending in a ticket stub for The Matrix as well as two soup can labels to a WB PO Box, fans of the hit film could order a secret third soundtrack on compact digital disc, which included rare tracks such as:

Three Goat DJs - "Roof Jumpin' Criminals"
The Whoahs - "Whoah"
Eddie Sentient Program - "Rejected Love Theme for The Crow"
Ras Zombie - "Dragula Dub"

Did you know... ?
The character of Trinity in The Matrix was so named as a reference to two additional
planned sequels to the film that unfortunately were never made.

The character of Neo was named after knees ("Knee-oh.") Attentive viewers will note the character has two, about mid-leg.

When The Matrix came out, pill technology didn't exist yet. Only 90s kids remember how medicines used to be delivered via medical staplers, or derma-toads, until scientists inspired by the Wachowskis learned how to squeeze medicine into tiny balls you could swallow.

Through most scenes in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves can be seen playing the role of "Neo," when in fact this role should have been given to "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Thank you for your $3 donation to Remake the Matrix but With Everyone's Code Names Replaced With Ice Cream Flavors (Holiday Limited Edition Varieties).

We have now collected $3 towards our estimated $7.5 million budget! Wow! And it's all thanks to backers like you!

When I was a child, we troubled youths would be sent to "scared straight" programs where a maimed cowboy would tell us about The Horse That Eats Crime Like Sugar Cubes and that's why their cowboy hat had to be glued on by nuns and it worked, by gum, I never broke another window and my dreams are drowning in angry equines.

Hey, what's up, YouTube? Today, we're gonna show you how to submerge your consciousness and join the h̐̔ͫͩ̂̉̒̈́ͅị̯͉̖͇̏ͭ́ͭv̱̮̻̞͎̟̉ͫ͑̎̎ͪͤ̑̏ͅe͕̘͕͍̞̜͓͊ͣͬ͐ͬ ͇͚̟͇̮͎͉̜̊̿̐̆̐m͓̣ͣ̾i̲̣͉̥ͤͫͦ̓͊̍n̼̗̬͛̎́ͅͅd̞̖̗̥̪͒̋̊ͪ̃̅͑̃ͭ, so smash that Like button while you still have an individual will!

"But MAGGIE, I don't know HOW to die in space!"

Step 1: find 2-4 friends
Step 2: find a deck of cards. If your friends are virtual (and whose aren't, amirite?), Sidekick is a discord bot that lets you draw cards -
Step 3: buy @signalstation and my HILARIOUS zine -

Step 4: build a complicated web of relationships
Step 5: go to space
Step 6: try and fail to avoid a comedy of errors

et voila!

Mondays: Am I right?

We've all been there.

And sometimes the only cure for the Monday blahs is to give me $5 for a game you can play with your friends and a deck of cards where you all die in space.

[Why no, I've never studied a thing about marketing in my life... guess it just comes naturally]

If a monster is going to eat me, I hope it can at least wait until I have finished recording my diary entry audio log, which can be found near my body, so that the recording doesn't end with crashing sounds and me saying "oh no! it's-- aaah!"

That is not how I want to be remembered. I want to be remembered as a scientist corpse laying on a useful quest item.

the "throw flour onto an invisible person to reveal them" trope but it's thrown on a regular visible person, revealing a dozen horrifying phantom appendages

2019 Transcend Sleep By Telling Your Skeleton to Carry on Without You Challenge [lofi bone-hop ribwave OST]

total dear diary: game prep and a joke for like, 2 people maybe 

"Look, I'm just not sure about this dying in space thing... it's not really a thing I'm about"

Okay, yeah, I gotchu. I actually hate space - that's why the game's about dying there and not exploring it.

That said, I've run 5 playtests and never once was it NOT a parody of late stage capitalism in space. So you know, it segues nicely into abyss humor and bonding with your friends while you... die in space.

There's at least one page in this zine that I cannot look at without laughing.

And that's surprising, given I did all the formatting and so had to look at it a LOT.

@signalstation is a hilarious person, in other words.

A quick Q&A about the 2-in-1 RPG zine DYING IN SPACE:

Q: Is this thing a trick? Am I going to pay $5 for a game that's just a big joke where I spend time making a character and then they just die before I do anything?

A: ... Sort of? There's TWO games, though. One of them is a joke game just like that, yeah, but... it's /funny./

But there's also a REAL game @maenad invented where you use your network of relationships to stave off disaster... for awhile.

THEN you die.

But seriously, if anyone knows how to stop being a drawing, let me know.

I'm so sure that you'll like my (and @maenad 's) new 2-in-1 RPG zine DYING IN SPACE that I turned myself into a cartoon, spent 45 minutes getting into a space suit, and gestured at some fake charts as part of an animated trailer.

If you own a deck of cards, have some friends and an imagination (and also have $5 to give me), you could be DYING IN SPACE right this very minute!

Skip the countdown AND the launch and /get to the good stuff!/

I've made a playlist of videos of astronauts making sandwiches.

So far I could only find five videos, but I'm sure there will be more.

This is important content that I'm curating here.

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