please keep fave-ing, i'm using the Mastodon notification sound to echo-locate my way out of this cave I fell into.

I ate a bat.

in the first three minutes. hdard to type down here batterieslow keep boostin

thanks for the help but i fell even deeper into the cave cause i was reading notifications

i may never git out but maybe i can at least find lov anyone know any pickup lines for stalagmites/


oh cool so much better than 'its so dark and cold i don't want to die'

@signalstation have you tried screaming, since you're currently in the abyss


i can't it wears down the phone bttery cause i have voice search on and google results for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa are whatever

@signalstation gaze long at the stalagmite and see if it starts gazing back. this could be a sign of either mutual interest or your impending demise, but either one will probably be an improvement

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