1) Find out what crabs like to eat. Probably gross stuff.
2) Acquire lots of crab food and feed a lot of crabs
3) Befriend the crabs. Tell them your vision for a new government. Really sell them on it.
4) March on the seats of power with a motivated crab army of friends and true believers
5) Chase out the scum with your seething wave of claws! (Once you've chased out the scum with yr claws, continue to step 6)
6) Set a date for free elections (and ban crab feasts)!


heck yeah, crab comrade (henceforth: "crabrade" or... "comcrab"... you know what, we need to form a naming committee, let's not rush into this)


Are they actually good? I've had NIGHT OF THE CRABS on my to-read list for years, but assumed I was setting myself up for disappointment.

@signalstation Guy's books are trash so trashy they rise up to great literature. It's like a fever-dream of a pulp horror novelist. The Sabat books are better, I think, but there's no bad/sane/boring Guy book.


You can't go into public service thinking about profit. C'mon now.

The crabs would lose all respect for you.

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