So D&D is apparently heavily inspired by Tolkien but iirc the hobbits didn't drop everything and try to fight the ringwraiths immediately so like I don't see it


GANDALF (illuminating the entrance to Moria with his staff): Well... I suppose we should all do PERCEPTION checks now, hmm?

@signalstation honestly

like, why didn't the party want to go fight the spiders? every party I've ever run apparently wants a dungeon crawl but you put one balrog on a bridge and everyone's whining about how unfair it is and the wizard's making death saves



DM: Can't help but notice how much your new character-- Gandalf the WHITE, is it?-- resembles your LAST character, GARY. You didn't even change the name!

GARY: Yeah, well how he died was BULLSHIT.

@signalstation he didn't even do what we all do which is just change one letter. He could've been Gandalf's brother Gandalg but NOOOOOOOOO.

Although I mean Gary made the one wizard people still argue about so.

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