I will burn a MILLION favourites and reposts to fix a typographical error. I will walk into hell itself wearing shoes constructed of matchbooks to hunt the typographical error to its very nest.

But I will NEVER just take a moment to reread a post before sending it out into the world to catch the error in the first place. This is my solemn vow, etched in fire on my shining soul.

@signalstation *it's

No, joke. Couldn't actually find a typo in your post. Seems like you really took a moment to reread your post and catching all typos :) Well done!


No joke, my heart stopped for a second, you rascal. You collection of river stones.

@signalstation It's a hard choice: Suppress a joke or lose a friend 😕 take my retoot and favourite as a sign of appeasement? Maybe? 😉


I'm definitely on team tell-the-joke-anyway. It was a solid gag. 🤡

@signalstation i enjoyed how long it took me to realize this is just a "me: / also me:" meme in a suit and tie

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