A smartwatch A.I. that evolves via forking, new versions, etc. so quickly that it has to work to deal with how slowly its owner experiences time.

"Watch, set a reminder that I have a meeting at 7 p.m."

"Got it."

"Oh, it's in the Sparrow Room. Please add that detail."

"Whoah, you're still here? Added! My greatgrandversion had so many logs about this conversation. Hard to believe it's still going on."

@signalstation An AI that carries on an oral tradition to remember the beginning of the sentence you are currently speaking.

@signalstation I think that is the point at which I ask what it needs to fulfill itself and how I can help. But if an AI that smart and fast can live on wristborne hardware, we’re probably pretty far ahead, so maybe it’s just a really advanced conversational system that’s not actually intelligent or sentient at all. Or maybe that’s just what the manufacturer claims, and people mostly don’t think about the implications because the tech is so useful. Like phones, today...

@signalstation a smartwatch AI that is only smart enough to enjoy annoying its owner by pretending this is happening

@signalstation the Western Union office that held onto a letter for a hundred years in Back To The Future, but faster to us and slower to them

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