A town full of Draculas in two-story suburban castles. A young Dracula stands on their tomb-like porch and stares into the twilight gloom of the woods... the terrifying woods that surround the town.

They say a creature lurks out there. On quiet nights you can hear its call.

"Become my cooooontact on Linnnnnnked.... Innnnnn!"

A recruiter stalks the woods with the bonds of employment and the child Dracula bites their lip in fear of its attention, resolves not to wander.

But.. what if...

@signalstation Look, I understand the need to terrify people, and recruiters ARE terrifying, but...there are *children* here, sir!


Oh, I certainly hope there are.

Isn't folk horror supposed to be for the benefit of children, passing along cautionary tales in nightmare-inducing but easy to digest narrative form?

As a side benefit: I don't care for children much. They're so... young. *shudder*

@signalstation "I love children! They're snack-sized, always leave you wanting more!" (Christ, I loved the BBC Jekyll.)

@signalstation @lilithsaintcrow Dang, I’m writing that down in my diary. I have a story I’m planning (hoping) to redraft someday that’ll give me a perfect excuse to write a bunch of Grimm-meets-Lovecraft stuff, and I doubt I’d have thought of it except you said this, so thanks!

(That sounds like a lot of fun, actually...who says I have to wait for the redraft?)

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