I would like to learn how to make friends as an adult without, preferably, leaving my house and if possible without meeting new people.

This "joke" prompted by viewing a video about the science behind loneliness and going "oh... that's the hole I've been slowly falling into for 10 years. ... Thanks, science."

@signalstation first you're going to need some cloud hosting because you have to set up a "Mastodon instance"


Theoretically this is what this here thing is for but how do friends any more.

@signalstation Yea I had a lot of issues with this video. I want to see the study that correlates loneliness with diabetes and all the other conditions they listed. I mean it's very possible lonely people don't take care of themselves leading to the other issues, but it felt weird the way it was presented.

I'm curious about the mobile device aspect, as Jonathan Haidt has talked about how kids should have phones until they're 14+ and most tech CEOs don't like their kids have devices at all.


Yeah, the "cancer deadlier / Alzheimer's worse" bit went by awfully quickly.

But I assumed it was just short-hand for "anything that's putting your body under long-term low-level stress makes any other issue harder to deal with."

Phones, I suspect, are a red herring, as I've been meaning to read "Bowling Alone" since it came out. It charts the societal shifts that undercut a number of social outlets before the ubiquity of smart phones.

@signalstation Harris will go on to say phone probably aren't as bad once your in high school .. depends a lot on the person and usage. I personally want to switch to a Plasma device; write my own apps and get more control .. but I disable a lot of notification and stuff anyway. is this book about the greater shift to things like chain-watching TV or getting away from social actives in general? Does it pre-date the Interweb era?


It predates the internet, insofar as was charting the 50s to 90s.

But I haven't read it. Just prompted me to put a hold on an ebook from the library for it. A modern convenience that spares me from mingling with others on mass transit or among the stacks.

@signalstation I love reading on the train. I think the lack of mass transit in some areas makes things worse for society. I realize we've never really interacted with people. Even in the 60's all the videos show people buried in newspapers .. by the 90s everyone had walkmans. But simply being on a train and seeing all those people, sharing your 8-5 .. it changes the way we think. We see people, all people .. something you don't get in your car.


I've read articles about how SF's mass transit would be improved if middle class and rich people had to ride it 'cause they'd use their political clout to force improvements.

And I think mingling with different-- and sometimes discomfort-inducing people-- builds good social muscles. But it's a hard sell if you don't /have/ to do it.

@djsumdog @signalstation I love public transit, in ways I could not even begin to explain to my family. The closest they could relate to as far as not wanting to drive goes is obliviousness making it dangerous, but I actively like trains and buses. Seriously though, fuck cars and car culture

@forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation i loved public transit until the violence by (invariably) people of color made it unbearable. i saw one too many violent attacks on random people and bought a car.
@IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation @MKULTRAdiamond Not really. I was saying that there were "racist" things said in these Hindu missionary movements that would repel people now even though their lives didn't reflect the kumbayah mission of multiculturalism they needed to hear and speak about.
@BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation indians are hypocrites, they whine about non-existent racism by whites towards them, but then turn around and brutually oppress the darker skinned members of their own race. Absolute and complete scum
@MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation

hypocrisy is a great tool and it works really well against aspergers infected white people who always speak the truth even if it causes them harm.
@BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation the nature of the brahmin (white) race/caste is to speak the truth. The lower 3 castes/races are no longer submissive towards us and that is why they are always plotting against us. God is punishing the lower 3 races very severely for their rebellion against the white (brahmin) race. That is why brown/black countries are so poor and shitty.
@MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation according to hindu tradition, it's the nature of kshatriyas to speak the truth always. and kshatriyas aren't a lower caste. there have been times when they were considered higher than brahmins.
@BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation either way, caste = race and the communist hindu missionary movements tried to make it out like "caste only means your occupation", which no hindu believes.
@BugmanExtraordinaire @MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation
I think we have to differentiate real/fake Kṣatriyas. The managerial / warrior caste now are all fake charlatans that don't really deserve to be called a part of that caste. Same as the (((approved))) Brahmanic holy men now are all a joke. The real people of all castes are on the sidelines or drunk from the poison.
@BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation oh yea and Aspergers isn't real and psychiatry is a bogus science. You need to get woke, son
@MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation

you're the living embodiment of aspergers tho. telling me it isn't real is like saying "green" isn't real. i can see it. why should i not believe it? because website says no?
@BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation hey man, you wanna live a life full of lies, that is your choice. I may try offering you freedom and if you reject it, you will suffer the consequences. So enjoy taking your (((psychiatric))) drugs, goy. Your lifespan will be much shorter than mine.
@IsaacWestcott @BugmanExtraordinaire @forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation bugman comes off too much as a moralfaggot, so yea we dont like such faggots. No one knows the art of shitposting anymoar but thankfully now Moshe is here

@MKULTRAdiamond @signalstation @BugmanExtraordinaire @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 Classifying an entire group like that is "othering" .. you're classifying Indians .. all Indians..over a billions of us. I'm an Indian. I'm also an American. I also grew up with suburbia. I am all things and people are more complex than your tiny little limited world view and grandiose terms.

@djsumdog @MKULTRAdiamond @signalstation @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 " I'm an Indian. I'm also an American. " LOLOLOL FUCK YOU. You don't get to steal our national identity you piece of shit. You're a GUEST.

@BugmanExtraordinaire @signalstation @MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 I was born here. Why, because your country didn't have enough electrical engineers and had to import them. My dad got his papers, and I was the first US citizen in my family. I wasn't an anchor baby. Everyone else in my family became citizens before I turned 18. Besides, America is all land taken by force by the many people who hadn't developed good weapons and cities yet.

@djsumdog @signalstation you were born here, and yet you're still not Indian. We invented everything you use. Stop acting like you are anything other than cheap labor. If you had a brain you'd be humble. But instead you're being arrogant at the worst time in history to be so. Good job idiot. A war is brewing and you're giving the middle finger to the people you'll need most. Congrats.
@djsumdog @BugmanExtraordinaire @signalstation @IsaacWestcott @forAll52 why is it that 50% of indians, that is, 640 MILLION people, still shit outdoors? Can you guys not engineer your own fucking toilets? @Oblivia

@djsumdog @BugmanExtraordinaire @signalstation @MKULTRAdiamond @IsaacWestcott Even if you were, the fact that people treat it like it matters is awful. Anyone in the world who wants to move here should be able to

@forAll52 @djsumdog @signalstation

Yes. USA should host 7 billion incompetent guests. It makes no rational, moral or financial sense and it will lead to inevitable wars, but the whole fucking world should come here and feed off of us. Dont ask native americans either. They're dirty savages who get no say.

@BugmanExtraordinaire @forAll52 @signalstation I've rarely had problems with people on transit, and even when I have, it's less than people on the street. I once listened to some very white-Australian go on and on about the "curries" getting thousands to come here and take their jobs. I wanted to say it's because dumb fucks like him can't make it through TAFE schools, but I held my cool, as did most of the other aussies who knew they were fucking drunk bogans.

@djsumdog @forAll52 @signalstation Yeah. You'll say stupid shit like that because you're ignorant and it's socially acceptable to bash white people for minor issues, but then some Sudanese fucker will rape and kill everyone at a party and you'll say "well, it's because we didn't teach them not to rape and kill."
@signalstation start using pleroma instances instead of mastodon, they are very comfy, my pleroman fellows are like family to me


How does the software behind the platform make a difference?

@signalstation to put it short, some certain features, dev personalities, and relative heaviness of each tends to attract admins and communities with distinct attitudes and expectations from the fediverse.

@signalstation This is why I make up people to be friends with.

This isn't even really a joke. Being a writer for me means never having my chatacters ever really go away.

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