what's up youtube today we're doing the around-the-cup challenge where we sip from a cup, then rotate it a little, sip again, then keep going until we've sipped from every last bit of the lip and gone full circle and this will help us forget

this will help us forget

but dont forget to like comment subscribe donate patreon venmo kofi gofundme and if you can't eat the whole cup, if the ceramic really scrapes your mouth out check back next week for our new video okay byeeeee

@signalstation this is a standard challenge for anyone wearing lipstick

alternatively, the "line it up" challenge where you try to make your lip prints overlap your old ones perfectly every time




when I've worn lipstick I just made sure to pour the cup into my mouth from a raised hand like I was an Italian cherub in the middle of a fountain

@signalstation @maenad this will end up with you dumping water all over yourself

source: i am a frequent lipstick wearer. sometimes i try to do this and dump water all over myself.

@xyzzy @maenad

This is true.

I drowned myself two score years ago doing just this, and for my sins am cursed to haunt this federation of text, never completely understanding where I am or how this helps anything.

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