Reanimated corpse has been feeling down, goes to the doctor.

Doctor says "This is outside my area of expertise, you should go see Frankenstein."

"But Doctor," says the reanimated corpse, "I AM Frankenstein!"

"I meant /Doctor/ Frankenstein" the Doctor says. "I thought that was implied."


Reanimated corpse has been feeling down, goes to the doctor, gets hit by a car on the way there.

Doctor called into surgery looks down at the reanimated corpse says, "That's my son!" How is this possible?

Meanwhile, in the hospital's basement, the sobbing clown Pagliacci slowly watches Montresor brick him into a hollow space. "This isn't helping my mood at all!" he wails.

"I have a suggestion, but you may not find it useful," Montresor whispers through the last gap in the wall.


Pagliacci stands at the end of a pier in West Egg watching a distant light.

At the other end of that distant light, socialites Daisy and her husband (a reanimated corpse) talk about tennis and budget for fabulous parties.

Behind Pagliacci, from the floorboards of his mansion comes a dull thrum, a beating of a hideous heart.

"Oh Daisy," he mutters to himself. "To think at one time there was only me, and the guy I was told not to worry about."


And finally, one day at the end of the joke, Gregory West sits back, puts the tape into the safe, and considers it a good work worth saving.

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