It's my birthday so why not go download a book I wrote for free? What better way to celebrate that I didn't die from misadventure for a whole year!

Features a cover by @sajan and lots of amazing art from @RAPIDPUNCHES (and more!)

image featuring pie 

@signalstation @RAPIDPUNCHES
Happy birthday - hope it's a good one/and that you're having fun out there!

image featuring pie 


The last two weeks visiting Albuquerque were plenty of fun. Our flight home is tomorrow, which means I unintentionally insured that my birthday includes laundry, shipping stuff home that we don't want to carry in luggage, packing, re-homing groceries we didn't eat to our grad student local host, etc.

But there's probably still time to fit some fun in there as well! It doesn't take all day to be responsible.

Thanks for the image featuring pie!

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