SomeBODY once told me they had a treasure for me
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
They said good ol' Fortunado, you like amontillado?
Got a cask in a basement at my homestead.



the bricks started comin' and they didn't stop comin'

there's less light now and it's got me wondrin'

is it possible that I'll starve and die?

my loving friend, please forgive me? try?


Hey now, dear Montresor, put your trowel down, I pray
Hey now, please don't be sore, set me free now, okay?
For insults, may I atone?
Please don't leave me here behind stone

@signalstation @deejvalen well

the bricks start falling and they don’t stop falling
my friend chained me up and i prayed to god, bawling
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Ragged Feathers

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