In line at deli to get salad, I read a hand-written sign as: "We have soy milk / reg. milk / almond milk / and now cat milk"

And my first thought was "Wow, California is really going somewhere with these alternate milks" and not "I misread that and it 100% says 'oat milk.'"

@signalstation In Japan, soy is a material forvarious food, example NATTO, TOFU, MISO, and soy milk.


Do you actually like natto? I don't think I'm brave enough to try it.

@signalstation I like natto very much. I eat it every morning.
Many foreignerhate it because of it's smell.
few Japanese don't eat same reason.

@signalstation @toneji for what it's worth, there are absolutely people who LOVE natto. my best friend is one.

however their ideal brunch also includes fried mackerel, and probably also a large amount of spicy kimchi, so i think the answer here may be "some people love natto because they are weirdos who love really really really strong flavors"

@signalstation in solidarity, my brain read the first half of your post and tried to rationalize it as "maybe the deli is connected to a tack and feed store and they've got pre-mixed milk for feeding orphaned kittens in stock!"

then i finally hit 'misread oat milk'

@wigglytuffitout @signalstation i too did not see anything inherently unbelievable about "cat milk" and just was like "how the heck are they getting milk from cats???? that doesn't seem sustainable at all"

@InspectorCaracal @signalstation i feel like this is where we've reached the elaborate set-up for somebody with a specific set of fetishes and a feline fursona to riff off of

how do you milk a cat? well, first you ask nicely,

@signalstation I encountered, “Trader Joe's Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Monodose Packs” this weekend and read it as:

Concentrated MONGOOSE Packs

@signalstation get up early every morning and head out to the barn to milk them tabbies

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