If you are even a little Kickstarter-aware, you may know that Zinequest is underway and the indie RPG community is creating entirely TOO MANY good things.

But no need for YOU to risk money on the NEW. Not when you can have the TRIED and TRUE!


With a deck of cards, some friends (optional) and some imagination, you can design a spaceship, populate it with folks, then steer them to their doom... EVERY TIME!


Oh, and if you're broke, we got you. There's community copies available you can download for free-zies. No questions asked.

Everyone deserves to die in space. Space belongs to all of us... and likes none of us.

Show thread I like that last line. I also think I shall stay within this nice almost-sorta-kinda friendly atmosphere and biome.


That's awesome! I think that came out really well. Heck of an impression.

Are you game for having this boosted/shared?


ty! :blobcatheart:

consider it a gift. feel free to share, fold, spindle, and mutilate.

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