imagine being able to hack all those Twitter accounts and not using it as an opportunity to speak with a hundred mouths all chanting the name of the coming of the Queen of All Doom, the Many Voiced, the Bearer of Soft Release, the Frozen Teeth Eternal, so all may know her and tremble at her approach?

@signalstation I know if I had access to that many checkmarks, I'd at _least_ be getting them to chant one of the Dread Litanies. If we get really fancy, we could do it rondele style with each account adding one unspeakable verse after another as they call She of Frost, the Storm's Chorus, the Lady of Winter to entomb the world in frozen paradise.




You are one of my favorites.

I hope we become icicle-bonded when She arrives and rakes the warmth from the world with a mighty swipe from her fingers, scourges made of reverse-stars!

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Ragged Feathers

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