oh hey, anyone remember zines?

Pulled this one off the shelf, which my wife and I made back in the 90s, building narratives out of cut-up dollar bin comics. Did three issues of this concept.

Good times.

Still have bags of categorized panels (Normal Robots) if we decide to get back into it.

You know. If zines make a big comeback.

@signalstation Everybody needs a post-apocalyptic hobby. Unless, you know, shorter version of the story.

@M of Ragged Feathers Cool concept! And looks really well done too! I like the spacious layout.

Yeah, I miss the creativity of the old Zine culture. People spent so much time in making something cool without any fancy tools. A typewriter, a stick of glue and a xerox machine was all you needed. Was mostly exposed to music (metal) related zines in my youth, but also had some friends who made comics, short stories and zines about esoteric magick and poetry.

You said it: Good times!


Very cool.

Not only do we remember them, our library here has a collection of them, and students here still make them.

Here is the link if you want to see some of it:

@signalstation as far as I knew zines were still a thing, just often in digital format too now?? This is a very cool project anyway!


ha! Yeah, I know. I do digital zines as well every once in a while.

But there's nothing like having a thing you can hold in your hand... even if it means dusting it every few decades.

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